Your Long Wait is Over, My Friends

31 Jul

I can only imagine the sleepless nights so many of you have spent wondering if I ever did find a dress to wear to my niece’s wedding in Las Vegas next week, or if I am going to be wearing a pair of bedazzled overalls. For those of you who maybe don’t read my blog regularly, or who suffer from short-term memory loss, here is a link to the post I am referring to.

Well, my friends, tonight you can sleep. I ordered a dress  and it arrived today, just in time for the wedding next Thursday, because I am nothing if not a totally irresponsible procrastinator. LUCKILY, it is fabulous and I am so glad I made the choice I did. Here is a picture

wrap dress

It’s the “Whimsy Wrap Dress” by Kiyonna and it is LOVELY. I love the shoes pictured also, but the ones I will be wearing are purple. It might seem a bit odd to wear purple and black to a wedding, but my niece’s signature colors (shout out to Steel Magnolias) are lilac and violet, or lavender and amethyst. She likes purple, so we are all either wearing purple or accenting with purple. The black is because it is an evening wedding and it’s VEGAS, BABY.

I did find a purple dress that I liked, but when I mentioned to my mom that I didn’t think I would wear it again, she told me that maybe my other niece would be getting married in a few years. I then had the vision of being known as “that crazy aunt who always wears that one purple dress to family weddings” and I just couldn’t do it.  I am sure I’m already known as the “crazy aunt who left a turkey in the trunk of her car for weeks” or the “crazy aunt who threw a pancake at her dad”, I just didn’t want to push it with the purple dress.

Something I found interesting about my last post about looking for a dress is the reaction it received. That post was re-blogged twice and got quite a few likes and comments, all of which I appreciate greatly. I was actually so surprised that it got the attention that it did that I went back and read it again to see what all the fuss was about. From what I can gather, it’s odd for a woman to write about finding a dress in her size, a size that is actually pretty prevalent in the United States, rather than writing about lamenting the fact that she is looking for a dress in that size.

I freely admit that I am comfortable in my skin. Hell, that phrase is in my online dating profile.  In all reality, I probably shouldn’t be. I grew up playing with Barbie dolls, for far FAR longer than I should have. I just never remember looking at her and thinking that I was “less than” because I was “more than” (I’m hilarious). I can imagine my mom is a big reason why I grew up feeling pretty secure. My whole family, actually.

Of course, I do remember things that were not so good at building my confidence. In elementary school I remember a kid who called me a whale at the bus stop. I hit that kid over the head with my trapper keeper and knocked him on his ass. I also remember being called “the queen of whales” when I was in my early 20’s by some douchey frat boy. Sadly, I did not have my trapper keeper with me in the bar, so I just walked away from him. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not throw a drink on him.  I just now realized writing this out that they both called me a whale.  Points for creativity, mean boys.

Once, years ago, I remember being at a pool party for one of my nieces’ graduation (sorry, cannot remember which one) and seeing a woman wearing a yellow bikini. Not so odd, in itself, but the woman was pretty large. Her body would not have been deemed “bikini ready” by whoever is on staff at People magazine who makes such proclamations, yet, there she was, rocking the hell out of that bikini. People were looking at her and whispering, pretty loudly, about her, but she did not seem to notice. I have no idea what made that woman say to hell with the people who would talk about her, and stare at her, but I remember thinking that I knew women half her size who were not that comfortable with their bodies. I wanted to hug her, but I ended up just creepily smiling at her all day.

I know body acceptance is all over the place right now. I see a lot of things like “real women have curves” and yes, we do. Real women ALSO don’t have curves, or are medium-sized, or are short or tall, and everything in between. There is no perfect body type that we must each fit in to be considered “real women”. I get the logic behind the saying, it just harkens back to the thought that in order to make ourselves feel good, we need to drag others down, and no, we don’t.

I would like to say that I didn’t hold on to the bad things, but here I am recalling them some many years later. The thing is, I have learned that other people do not define me or get to tell me what I should think of myself. I get to do that, and I define myself as pretty awesome. You all should too.


super great


6 Responses to “Your Long Wait is Over, My Friends”

  1. bensbitterblog July 31, 2013 at 11:18 pm #

    You are finally back and rocking the black dress. Do we get to see pics of the purple shoes? My favorite color!

  2. girlinterruptedtoo August 1, 2013 at 5:01 am #

    Reblogged this on girlinterruptedtoo.

  3. Joker August 1, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    Well, First of all…it is a nice dress. However, I feel that to fully enjoy it I would love to see a pic of it on you! See? Staring at a catalog pic I say Meh…..However, seeing it on you will make all the difference. Why? Because you are quite a number of shades of Awesome and that is what we want to see.

    As for Body types…Yeah, I guess that this is a “How you feel in your own skin” type of deal. Because I tell women all day long that if I could I would so take their bodies to enjoy them. Online I get unfollowed as a creeper….in Real life I get either slapped or kicked in the balls. And I am here telling the truth…..but that’s fodder for another blog post.

  4. Contrary Mom August 1, 2013 at 10:14 am #

    I reblogged your last post because I think your attitude is effing perfect! I get so sick of people putting themselves down! I remember reading something at the beginning of the summer that made me laugh: “Want to get a bikini body for the summer? Put a bikini on your fucking body!” I love this post, too! I adore people who are comfortable in their skin. I can’t say that I’m perfectly comfortable in my own, but I’m trying my hardest to accept myself. Amy, you are an inspiration! Have fun in Vegas!

    • Amy August 20, 2013 at 7:43 pm #

      I did have fun! Thank you so much sweetness. I read that bikini body thing too and it cracked me up! xoxoxo

  5. datinginvegas August 14, 2013 at 2:16 am #

    There is nothing better than a woman comfortable in her own skin. Have you ever seen a woman that was average looking but dazzling when she entered a room? I have! It’s the woman that walks in with her head held high and oozing confidence. I LOVE it! I love a 6 foot woman that wears heels. Or a shorty like me that walks like she’s 6 feet tall. It is ALL about being comfortable with who you are. I wish the young women of today were taught that. Not to have curves or be a size 0 but to be proud of who they are. (On a romantic note, I secretly think men dig that more than a barbie.) This is a great post! Thank you for sharing.

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