Signs Of Life

11 Feb

I sometimes wonder how all the technology that is not only readily available to my children, but is practically a requirement, will affect them, and their generation as they grow older. I cannot imagine growing up with access to, well, EVERYTHING, the way they are. When I was a child I could roller-skate by the house of the boy I had a crush on at the time, or I could occasionally call him and if I was super lucky, he would pick up the phone and I could hear him squeakily say ‘HELLO’ and I would giggle and hang up. Since this was before the advent of STAR 69, there was no way for him to know it was me. If I stealthily skated by his house, he wouldn’t know it was me who had a crush on him at all, until he saw me putting a Valentine’s day present on his desk, or he came over to study with a few other friends and I forgot I had a tiny picture of him hanging up in my room and I had to throw a bowl of chips on the ground as a diversion so I could remove the picture.

This generation is growing up with so much information about their fellow classmates at their fingertips in the form of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites I probably don’t know anything about. I monitor what the boys do on the computer, but my eldest has an iPod that he is allowed to have only on weekends right now, but it is GLUED to his hand on the weekends, and I practically have to pry it out of his hand Sunday at bedtime. His dad and I have access to everything he does and posts, but only after the fact. He continuously reminds me that he is almost 12 and his other friends parents don’t ‘hover’ the way his dad and I do. I always pull out that old chestnut about not being the mom of the other kids, just his, and that I’m not really concerned with what those other kids do. He just LOVES it when I say that. I can tell by the heavy eye rolling and sighing he does after I say it.

With all of this information so easily available are we raising zombies who will crave human contact?  The boys and I went to see a zombie meets girl movie called Warm Bodies this past weekend.  The boys wanted to see it because of the whole ‘zombie’ factor and I wanted to see it because I had read about it and it sounded interesting. I warned them that it was essentially a love story but they insisted.  I won’t give spoilers but I will tell you that the movie is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet and it addresses the above question about human contact but not in a preachy or “beat you over the head” way. We all enjoyed it and in the car we had, or tried to have, a discussion about metaphors and symbolism and how one particular scene was extremely interesting to me.  I say tried to have because after about five minutes of this discussion they were pretty much done and discussing what brains must taste like. On that note, I really don’t like zombies. I don’t get the whole infatuation with them right now. They make me nauseous to think about.  BUT, I really did like this movie.

I read something that essentially said that parenting right now is different than it ever has been, and more difficult. I don’t know if that is totally true in the sense that it seems with every generation parenting would be very different than it was for the last. Parenting before there were cars, or electricity, SEEMS like it would be easier, but I can imagine rebellion is rebellion and I can’t help but to think of another movie, The Wild One, and the line asked of Marlon Brando’s character, Johnny, “Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?” and Johnny’s answer “whaddya got?”

I can only speak for myself and being a parent right now, but I can tell you it is definitely hard.  Dealing with a child who for one solid week tells you he hates you and his life because you took away pretty much every privilege he had stinks. Big time. I thankfully have seen more signs of positive life from him since we had to bring down the iron fist of punishment, so I feel like he NEEDS these boundaries, and I NEED to enforce them.

As I sit and type this on my computer keyboard, I don’t wish that technology hadn’t marched forward in the way that it has, and I don’t necessarily think it’s a BAD thing that this generation does not have the luxury of  ‘drunk dialing’,  though I do think my idea of making a device that goes on phones and tests your blood alcohol level before you can send a text message at 2:00 am is GENIUS.   It will be interesting to see how this generation grows up, but, I am not the parent of this whole generation, just my two, thank goodness, and as for my two, I will do everything in my power to make sure they stay human for as long as possible.

2 Responses to “Signs Of Life”

  1. datinginvegas February 11, 2013 at 6:15 am #

    Hang in there-it’s a tough job. PS: I nominated you for a blogger award.

    • Amy February 11, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

      Woohoo! I am honored! Thank you so much!

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