Then Again, Maybe Not

6 Feb

I don’t tend to make new year’s resolutions, officially anyway. I tell myself there are certain things I want to do better, or do more of, or not do, but I don’t tend to make an official declaration in the new year the way others seem to, at least it seems that other people do that whenever I am in the lunch room with my work friends as they discuss their 2013 diets.

This year I have pondered making some changes. I always have ‘get healthier’ on my list of things I want to do. My eating habits are less “fraternity boy” and more “grown up” these days, but I could do better. This line of thinking led me to wonder if doing a “cleanse” would be a good thing to try, before I launched into a whole new way of eating. I know that any changes I make will have to be life changes, and that a diet is not what I need.

A friend mentioned that she wanted to try something called a “master cleanse” which I later learned is a juice fast that has been around since 1940. This is from the website

  • First, squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice.
  • Then add Rich Maple Syrup, and Cayenne Pepper into Pure Water.
  • Drink a minimum of six to 12 glasses throughout the day whenever one is hungry
  • Take a laxative before bed

It sounds easy enough, I can do that for a day. WAIT A SECOND, TEN DAYS? It is suggested I drink this concoction for TEN DAYS? One would be beyond hungry, one would be chewing ones computer keyboard. Screw my doctor, this is something my coworkers, children, ex-husband, and the human race would strongly suggest I NOT do.

SO skip the cleanse. Perhaps I’ll just get into this “paleo diet” I’ve heard about. I have never thought of myself as either a hunter or a gatherer but I can eat what cavemen ate. I won’t have to grow it or kill it myself, so I can do this. Lean meats, fruits, seafood, nuts, and seeds. I think I got this one. Wait, where is cheese ? Are you telling me there was no CHEESE then? UGH. Never mind.

OOOH what’s this? The Law of Attraction sounds interesting,   “by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results”.  Awesome. Currently I am focusing my energy on becoming healthier while I eat a block of cheese and drink some lemonade.  Hey, lemons are in the master cleanse AND part of the paleo diet so I’m half way there.

One Response to “Then Again, Maybe Not”

  1. Titillating Thoughts February 6, 2013 at 6:56 am #

    Cheese is an addiction unlike others. It is an addiction. Especially when figured into a cracker form.

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